Feedback from Conferences:


– Science and Nonduality Conference (SAND) 2015 and 2016, San Jose, California
– Paradoxica Conference of Nondual Psychology, 2012, 2013, 2014, & 2015, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge Alberta, Canada

“Thank you for sharing with us today Canela. I experienced a major shift in my awareness while I was listening to you speak, my body relaxed so much just listening!”

“Canela… I really liked your talk. Sometimes I didn’t understand what you shared but a lot of it I did. I found it different, refreshing”

“What I find to be a highlight during Canela’s presentation is her natural ability to express and embrace the flow of existence within the present moment. Her talks are always so profound in the way they unfold…a cohesiveness that cannot be ‘manufactured’ but only through embracing the totality of awareness. Her ability to integrate soma/emotion/spirit and cognition through presentation is what makes her talks special. Canela is on sharp woman, what a warrior!”

“Remarkable presence and insight. Talks to the heart directly”

“Thank you. I really understand your communications. I loved your talk last year as well.”

“Captivating presence, very calming. Enjoyed the free flow of the presentation. Sometimes a bit hard to hear though. One thing I loved was that Canela seemed able to make eye contact with everyone and I felt as though she was really speaking just to me.”

“Presented as a pulsing presence of vulnerability! Enjoyed her ease of being a pointed expression. An incredibly powerful intervention to the guy experiencing a traumatic event (Canela interacted with an attendee).”

“I love the gentleness of your presentation. It’s easy to see how you are just you in every moment. Than you for also taking time to explain about anger and how to embrace it”

“Connection in her through energy – Love embodies through her words.”

“Wonderful presence. A great invitation and eagerness to take part in the journey. Thank you very much – in person I gained a lot.”


“A play of Awareness for sure!”

“Such a wonderful presence.”

“I enjoy Canela’s continued presence at the conference and her invitations to examine and experience the energetic play between the I and other.”

“Beautiful Energy”

“On point, followed the topic, clear presence, really enjoyed this”

“Intro: Embodiment of the Divine, -You are Being Played- Bringing the energy in, allows things to come in (Home) dissolves this (balanced).”

“Thank you! I really understand your Consciousness. I loved your talk last year as well.”


“Gentle, kind – perfect finish to the day. Heartfelt – wow, intense presence, wonderful vessel of transmitter of presence”

“Good job using what was arising for people to expand on your topic.”

“Bringing clarity to Love”

“Very well done. Great response to my Questions! Very insightful”

“Personally, I had difficulties following along but it made more sense after the last question. Canela had a great presence.”

“Wow! A kindred spirit! Thank you for revealing insight that has always been in my mind & heart!”


“Inviting Being With all of it”

“Felt the warmth and truth resonating from her. I felt peaceful having listened to her. I liked her calm style of connecting & the message that she conveyed.”

“Beautiful! I love the energy you put out. It was a pleasure to listen to this talk.”

“Always present, and the sharing is straight from the heart!”

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