Here Now Satsang Five Day Retreat on Bowen Island, BC, Canada
August 2nd-7th, 2017
Rivendell Retreat Centre, Bowen Island, BC, Canada

Come and be included in this opportunity to deepen into Selfhood. If you are interested in awakening, conscious embodiment, allowing freedom to become foremost in your awareness, solving mysteries of challenges in your life, tantra, yoga, being authentic, or/and Living Abundantly, this Satsang Retreat is for you.

It is ‘normal’ in Canela’s retreats for everyone to fall into deep, aware Peace, Love, and Humour…and then to continue deepening in That.  Take advantage of this beautiful retreat space, on this so natural and nourishing island, to care for yourself and all that is – in no-seperation, every bit that you allow for yourSelf, is shared in the same instance with All.

Each day will include an hour of ‘Authentic Movement’ or Kundalini Yoga lead by Canela.
Watch a short video about Satsang with Canela Here

Starts at 2pm Aug. 2nd and ends after lunch on Aug. 7th.  Days will start at 10am and end at 9pm with a two hour break after lunch.

– Financial Commitment for Satsang portion for full five days:  $330.00 Early bird, or $375 after June 28th, 2017
– Cost for Vegan Vegetarian food for full 5 days: $200.00
– Cost for Accommodation for full 5 days will be on a donation basis as per the Rivendell Retreat Centre policy. (see attached link)  http://www.rivendellretreat.org/

What others have said about Satsang with Canela – Feedback from Satsang (groups) 

Part I:  ‘Including the Humanness’  Teachings/Satsang
August 2nd – 4th – Limited to 10 Participants

Artwork by Canela from her book – ‘Right Here, Right Now Meditations’

This is a rare opportunity for people who are interested in deepening their ‘listening skills’ in each moment towards themSelves and what appears as the other, the world, from a Satsang perspective.  Time will be spent in experiencing the energetics of  ‘Being With What Is’ in a non-intrusive, yet inclusive listening mode, supporting embracing Self and/or exploration of the human aspect of Self.  This two day retreat will be of particular interest to those people who are in the ‘supporting others’ field – Life Coaches, Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Teachers, Facilitators and also anyone who has interest in: What is life like in the awakened state of being? Experiencing yourSelf as holding a space of Satsang will also be available and there will also be time for learning about ‘Toning’ and practicing that (deeply healing).

– Starts at 2pm Aug. 2nd and ends on Aug. 4th after lunch. Thursday Aug. 3rd will start at 10am and finish at 9pm with a 2 hour break after lunch.
– The financial commitment for Teachings/Satsang is $150 or $130 for early registration.
Early Registration – Tuition paid in full by June 28th.
– Food will be Vegan Vegetarian (organic local food as much as possible) and prepared by the group at the cost of $30/day or less – pay for this on-site.  Accommodation will also be paid for on-site, by donation as per Rivendell’s policy:   http://www.rivendellretreat.org/ 

Part II:  ‘Here Now Silent Satsang’ Three Day Retreat
August 4th – 7th – Limited to 30 Participants

This long weekend retreat will flow nicely from the two day retreat, continuing the deepening into Self.  ‘Silent Satsang’ means that there is no talking between Satsang sessions except for minimal practical necessities. Participants are invited to stay quietly aware of themselves between Satsang sessions to deepen integration of energies, deepen their seated-ness & deepen their understanding of themSelves.
– Begins with dinner between 5:30 to 6:30pm on Friday Aug. 4th, with Satsang starting at 7:00pm
This retreat ends on Monday Aug. 7th after lunch. Full days will start at 10am and end at 9pm with a two hour break after lunch.
– The financial commitment for Satsang is $225 for the whole weekend or $200 for early registration.
– Vegan Vegetarian Food for the Three Day Retreat will be catered at a cost of $135 (starting with Friday dinner and ending with Monday lunch).
Early Registration – Satsang portion paid in full by June 28th.  Pay for Food & Accommodation on-site.


Accommodation for both (The Five Day and Three Day Satsang Retreat) is on a donation basis as per the Rivendell Retreat Centre policy. (see attached link)  http://www.rivendellretreat.org/

People who wish to join in with the group non-residentially for each day can do so for $80 – (10am-9pm).
– $70 per day early bird rate if registered/paid before June 28th.  Registering before July 15th will make meals on site available to you.
– Bring your own Vegan Vegetarian food for lunch & dinner if not registered in advance.

Contact: Steve at:  sclipp@shaw.ca   to Register or for more Information
All costs are in Canadian Dollars.

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