What people have said about Group Satsang Events with Canela:

“Thanks Canela.
You are here in my heart even if not messaging. The London Satsang was a launch for a new stage in my development. I was in a circling workshop last night and found myself saying it is like I am reborn with new choices. Bit scary, unfamiliar, so used to history and stress defining me and my directions. Seems now I can allow all stresses including judgemental thoughts yet not attach to them. Namaste Sweet Angel you have helped me realising Heaven on earth and perhaps through living that myself, I can aid that into being in the world. You have aided me realise rich scent, flowers, richness and well being in my being.
David McIntyre, London, UK

“Hi Canela,
Your Satsang yesterday put me back in one piece after these months of feeling alienated from myself. The atmosphere was so supportive and loving and your words reminded me of who I truly am. The pain that came from fear is still there but I am watching it now with love and curiosity. I’m not afraid to heal myself anymore. Thank you so much.
Love and Gratitude,”
Theo Price, Surrey, UK

“My heart is full of gratitude to be part of (and witness) such a deep sharing of presence. Thank you Canela Michelle Meyers for holding such authentic space for the opening, allowing and acceptance of self and other selves. Thank you to all who participated in being mirrors for each other and loving thanks to Lulu and Paisley for their kind and generous hospitality and sharing.”
Karin Lewis, Sooke, BC, Canada

“Canela, what I really appreciate SO much is your deep honesty and frankness – a willingness to expose everything, with laughter! I have witnessed people relaxing into openness in your presence, because they feel totally safe, and they feel you there WITH them – not a spectator, but a participator (is that a word??). You have been with me through some very deep tender places and shone the light of love there, which has transformed me. I have seen this happen with others. So precious – I am blessed, blessed blessed to have found you and found friendship with you. Thank you <3 <3 <3”
Jivan Prem, London, UK

“What an amazing experience! First Satsang gathering for me. So good to meet you Canela. Love your book and wonderful spirit in person. The “happenings” started with reading your book and were validated being in the presence of the Satsang gathering. They continue in the daily reading of Right Here Right Now Meditations. Thank you Canela and all who attended! Special thanks to Jeanne and Bryan for being wonderful hosts!”
Sharon Nelson, Milton, WA, USA

“For a long time I seemed to be in chaos. No other way of putting it other than something appeared to be jammed. Canela supported the dissolution of this chaos and confusion, inviting the Awareness and Realization into my Heart.(Satsang in Brighton 2015 & Individual Satsang Sessions) Now, I AM, I Am peaceful and content. There appears to be a softening into myself. I have learned how this body works in the unfolding to Love. Canela feels so familiar to me, a part of me, like a sister forever in my Heart-Self. Such gratitude to you Beloved Canela. Thank You <3”
Tara, Brighton, UK

“What a beautiful Satsang [Satsang with Canela in Brighton 2015] that was! Thank you to everyone who came and shared their hearts and experiences in this space of truth. And thank you Canela for sharing your love and for supporting us in relaxing open to whatever appears in our experience without judgement, always finding the most loving way of seeing things. With love and gratitude to all.”
Cristina Arrabal, Brighton, UK

“It was a truly transformational Satsang on Sunday. Feeling very grateful for the day. It helped me relax into myself and dissolve a lot of “stuff” Life will be different from now on. Thank you”
Prabha Sabine, Brighton, UK

“Beautiful Satsang on Saturday. It helped to shift my perception x Thankyou Canela xx”
Chris Harris, Brighton, UK

“Just attended a weekend Satsang in London with Canela Michelle Meyers. What a wonderful experience, her vibrancy joy and laughter, ripples of love coming through her into us, bring us home to our true vibrancy and aliveness. When I hugged her I melted into her, we were one. Such a beautiful experience. The weekend so practical and supportive, embracing all of life, feeling the love that is underlying all. I left feeling a freeway of love running straight through me. Her next port of call is in Brighton this coming weekend.”
Yvonne Beever, London, UK

” Wow last nights Satsang was so beautiful, I cant really find the words to describe how beautiful it is to be in your presence, I am eternally grateful for your being, thank you.”
Nick Eccleston, White Rock, BC, Canada

“Canela has unveiled the truth that lies dormant in all of us, and has chosen to share this beautiful uncovering through Satsang. It is easy to be drawn into the awakened state while sitting in her presence and listening to her words. With unconditional love and supreme gentleness, she is openly committed to sharing this sacred news with all who enter her radiant field of being. Canela’s radical acceptance of life continues to serve as a vast portal for consciousness to reveal its Self unto its Self.”
Kyle Hoobin, Vancouver, B.C.

“Dear Canela,Thank you for everything! Thank you for your love and openness to everything that is and for your wonderful live energy! You took away the sadness I had in helping me understand that behind the sadness is Love…I can cherish that. Also to be O.K. with all that for us in the moment seems not O.K. – what a blessing! [Satsang in Mexico City & Individual Sessions]. You brought me a wonderful lightness and change into my life. I Wish you (and I know you are having and being) a great success wherever you go. Love,”
Monica Engel, Mexico City, Mexico

“Hello the beautiful Canela, I wanted to thank you such a beautiful weekend. Wow! it was amazing. I got a(n individual Satsang) session with you! Yippy! I am very moved by your work. Hugs and love,”
Kathleen Renehan, Prague, Czech Republic

“Dear Canela, I attended your Satsang in Prague, which was really amazing experience.
After the connection, I felt only the body without any annoying thougths, which was first a little bit scary but amazing afterwards. I try to keep the openness in my heart, in which your book is helping me a lot. Right after the Satsang I could embrace the whole bus, and it really worked, everybody in the bus was smiling after the while or was kind of warm. Thank you again for that beautiful experience! With all my love,”

Hana Sourkova, Prague, Czech Republic

” It was my first time experiencing Satsang Canela and I’m still vibrating. You have beautiful energy and I was truly grateful that I got to share that with you and all the others. ♡♡♡”
Kimberley King, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Hi Canela,
Thank you so much for welcoming [me] in Presence with [you] at Palu’s wonderful house a good month ago.
From the depths of my Being, Joy rises up, blossoming through Stillness, nourished by Love, overflowing
ahh, the delight of being welcomed into the Now, ever fresh, new and unknown, like the dance of fragrance from the whispering cedar to my nostril, the rush of the river to my ear and into and trough all of [me], the intensity and drive of the jumping salmons following their inner call to mate and die ….I liked the special seat facing you, Canela.
Wanted to sit there the whole time.
Was pained within when it was left empty
When my brothers and sisters around me clung to safety and caution
when all this could be left aside for a leap into Now
letting aliveness burst forth, raw, trusting, undefended
being seen and received in Love & Stillness and Joy
how can anyone hesitate?
Looking forward to our paths crossing again,

Karsten Bruun, Victoria, BC, Canada

“Thanks so much to you Canela and to everyone who showed up for this shared beauty and love (in Satsang). So grateful!”
Brenda P., North Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Oh Wow! We are all Love. Boundless & eternal. Empty and yet full to the brim. There is nothing to do but relax open to all that is in every moment. Seemingly difficult yes, but in fact very simple.
Spending time with Canela Michelle Meyers for me has been an experience of relating directly with this Love. The first time I came into contact with her I could feel it from her and, more importantly, I could feel it in and around me. This is the priceless gift.
Thank you Canela, thank you universe, thank you, thank you, thank you. x.”

Michael Bailey, Brighton, UK

“The Four-hour Satsang with Canela was wonderfully intense. It gave me the opportunity to dive even further into being open than the 2 hr Satsangs. Blissful and joyous… Necessary and moving. Just what I needed! Canela is a wonderful being, soft and supportive, caring and helping me to get to the root of things. Very freeing!”
Alex B., N. Vancouver, BC, Canada

“With much gratitude to you Canela. (attended ‘Into The Deep Satsang’) I had a significant break through yesterday in my emotional work, connecting some dots, etc. The space you offer and hold was exactly what this Being wanted and needed. You too Kev. Thanks!!!”
Patrice Bailey, Bellingham, WA, USA

“…to go directly into the fire, to feel the fire, to dance in it, to get to know it, to know that this burning is good, then the fire can be made use of in proactive ways” . Yes! Yes Yes!. dancing in deep gratitude thank you Canela <3″
Madhya Omkar, White Rock, BC, Canada

“Canela, thanks a lot . It was wonderful experience… Satsang in Prague <3”
Alice Hubová, Prague, Czech

“Dear Canela,
…I try to be open and believe 100% what you let me know yesterday – that the whole Universe is kind of knowing us, with so much love! So, it looks like we all are surrounded and inbeded in this LOVE (attentive consciousness, intelligence)!
Send you kind regards, from all my heart!”

Monica Engel, Mexico City, Mexico

“wow! wow! Soraya (Marina) is sharing with you lovelies one of her longest ‘personal’ postings ever!
I have just lived 6 incredible awakening days with the wonderful Canela Michelle Meyers who is LOVE. What a gift! Canela has being living with me and my lovely housemate Cristina Arrabal in her total humanness and divinity and we shared together a beautiful weekend Satsang in my city – Brighton. I also had a one hour session with her too and Oh my godness! no words to describe it here…speechless…love you Canela…and cannot wait to have your presence back again for a long residential weekend retreat in May! Canela has invited me to sink so deeply into the reality that it is just always Love. We are love and we are One. Love is all that there is, always calling us, always knocking into our doors…yes, just now.. listen….and now I, Soraya, know is just here! after some time of intense spiritual ‘searching’…. i have arrived! Well ‘I’ was always here! it is so simple! and sometimes i felt it was not! my spiritual ego seeker is finally resting and the rest of my ego as resistance to the reality (maybe visit me sometimes.. we are now friends and talking and being playful..)”

Soraya Devi Marina, Brighton, UK

“Hi Canela,
…I shall really miss Satsang with Canela [Canela heading off to Europe]. I find being in your company a very pure and clean and uplifting experience. Very honest. Thank goodness you are having another Satsang in November…I am so glad to have met you and to have the opportunity of being in your company. Thank you very much.”

Patricia Johnston, North Vancouver, BC

“Thanks so much for Satsang today Canela. I really felt like I released some of that fear/pain with your support. Love,”
Seda Unlucay, Vancouver, BC

“I attended Canela’s meeting on Sunday at Stillpoint. It included everything even what is often labelled as ‘ The good, the bad and the ugly’ …I am a lover of What Is.
So this is the type of meeting that evokes a desire to attend with the knowing that this unique expression would be allowed to be, fully. No spiritual bypassing, no denial of ‘what is here’ no bouncer on the door trying to leave the messy aspects of life/love outside of the ‘sacred space’ no no such ‘cover up here…’ Canela’s willingness to share the whole of self … allowed the unspoken to finally speak…in the presence of those aspect able to hear …. Yes All could be here …. is there any other way ?
Hugs Canela <3”

Tina Vallely, London, England

“I really enjoyed Canela’s style of Satsang. The toning was quite new to me and very effective, it evoked in me a pleasantly acute awareness. Canela was not at all ‘on another plane’ but very open in sharing her own human joys and sorrows and yet also able to convey the sense of it all being just as it is.”
Anna, London, England

“Canela created an atmosphere of emotional openness and warmth that invited resting in that intimacy. Authentic movement the next day presented another possibility of communicating with the Self, of coming home, coming back.I really enjoyed both.”
Lynn-Marie Harper, London, England

“Easy and enlightening.”
Mohammed, London, England

“I really got a lot from Canela’s talk.”
Paul, London, England

“A really lovely weekend with Canela who created a very gentle and loving space for all to share. Thank you Canela for a lovely, open and honest sharing on Friday night and the weekend Satsang.”
Marian, London, England

“It was a real privilege to meet Canela and a powerful and enjoyable Satsang. Canela’s style is so open, humble, and freeing, and it points so effectively towards a place of love and non separation, So glad I went.”
Kevin Pritchett, London, England

“Thanks so much for Satsang last night, Canela Michelle!! I so needed that…being filled with loving energy, being supported so completely, to let go and allow even more of me to be me…mucho thankso! :)”
N.R., North Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Dear Canela,
Thank you so much for the Satsang yesterday. It was a privilege to be with you and everyone else. I have much to dwell on. I wish that I could replay so much of what you said. It all resounded very strongly with me. Thank you again for the celebration!”

P. J., North Vancouver, BC

“Canela is something else – she combines razor sharp empathy with joy and a knowledge of being at home: she sees and helps otherse see through their emotional blocks – something rare in the ‘non-dual’ world…”
Bruce Stevenson, London, England

“Last week’s Satsang on Trust was an incredible experience of expansion for me and of feeling safe and contained in Love. I also had a wonderful realization connected to a dream I had had the previous night! It’s exciting to wonder what the next Satsang will bring! I’m so grateful for this!”
Nancy Riecken, North Vancouver, BC

“Greetings Canela, I wanted to express my appreciation for the Satsang over the weekend. It was a wonderful collective experience and the residuals have been liberating. The river of love has released the resistance to the truth and a blockage of fear has been set free to flow away into the infinite. New freedoms have come as a result. To the group I offer thanks, to myself and all of you I offer love. Namaste”
David Marshall, Richmond, BC

Satsang with YOU is the BEST!!! Thank YOU for being there! Well… here I mean…”

A.B., North Vancouver, BC

“Good evening Canela, just a note to say thanks for your heart felt words of understanding and encouragement in Satsang. I feel you understand me better than I understand myself so the help you offer with your words of compassion and guidance are precious to me. It’s both amusing and tragic that knowing “what is” is not nearly enough “to be what is”. (I don’t know how to write about this, every statement I make gets negated when reread, that’s the amusing part – waiting for the negation to be the initial response, the fact that I’m waiting is the tragic part). But I thank you dearly for supporting me to remove another self-imposed blind fold.
Looking forward to the next time, Love”

John McGeachie, White Rock, BC

“My First Time Consciously Experiencing the Moment
in Satsang with Canela.
Being in the present moment was never easy for me. My mind would love to race around into the ‘what if’ and project scenarios that would never materialize. The idea of a four hour Satsang was daunting. Then, after a meditation and a connection, I knew what it was like to be in the moment. Without a racing mind and being in my heart, I felt the most incredible form of joy. Words like bliss and ecstasy don’t begin to describe what i was feeling. I was in a room with strangers, yet never felt more connected in my entire life. Nothing else mattered but that moment. It allowed me to feel a genuine connection with myself.
For those of you who have never experienced what it’s like to live in the moment, I would encourage you to attend a Satsang with Canela. The atmosphere is light and playful. The people attending the sessions are professionals from a variety of races, ages and backgrounds. When you feel the energy, you too may experience we are all One.”

Dal R., Abbotsford, BC

With my aperture already opened a crack,
Offering a glimpse of my true nature but never lasting.
With your eyes looking into mine…
A crowbar made of soft tendrils…
Pried it wide open and invited me to jump off into NOTHING.
I did and saw that we are all the same.
What bliss to be held and nurtured by NOTHING’s loving embrace!

Oje, Deep Cove, BC

“Canela is a radiant lover of love.”
Catherine Ingram, Dharma Dialogs, Portland, Oregon

“During a four-hour Satsang led by Canela in June 2009, my concept of Reality shattered.
Others previously hinted that something greater laid in wait. Authors swore by It, gurus, lamas and rinpoches promised It, if one just lets go.
But in June, Canela created a safe space where I allowed myself to experience It, if for only a few hours.
Since then, she has helped me chip away some frosty edges, allowing me to become more Aware, more readily and more often.
Our latest visit was a completely transformative one-on-one.
This is, without question, one of the most important spiritual connections I’ve made.”

Kevin D., White Rock, BC

“The Satsangs on Bowen were deep and beautiful. When sitting in the front on ‘the chair’, I felt an amazing vibration coming up from the earth and through my feet and then throughout my body and filling every cell of my Being. Such a feeling of Love and Oneness!”
Hari (Harriet), Victoria, B.C.

“I Love Satsang with Canela! It is a contagiously light and joyful
experience. Her insights bring me to a greater place of Self awareness and acceptance.”

Karen Epp, Vancouver, B.C.

“We do live a high paced life. We do think about our financial investments. However, we do not always take time to invest in our peace of mind. Most of our problems derive from detachment of our soul from our mind and from our body. Going through meditation I was thinking about world’s greatest minds:
Pythagoras, who said: ‘… Learn to be silent, let your mind listen and absorb …’ (580-500 B.C.)
Blaise Pascal: ‘… All men’s mysteries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone … (17th century)’
I experienced break-through of my vicious cycle of thoughts during Satsang meditation. I was able to enter gaps between them. It helped me to find a sense of total peace and clarity that it is the space between the notes that makes the music.”

Galena Bogatch, White Rock, B.C.

“Canela Michelle allows the Space for Remembrance to relax into Itself. Nothing is simpler or more intimate than This. Let this Satsang have you.”
Michael Beifuss, Salt Spring Island, B.C.

“My sessions with you have left deep impressions in my consciousness, and my current state is centered and peaceful. I noticed that I received your observations about me quite impersonally; your insights are appreciated. I got a strong mental jolt at the beginning of my private session with you. I remember that your presence supported me to suddenly snap out of a comfortable, introverted mental state as I sat down, and into a high alertness state. The difference between these two mental states was striking to witness, as was the rapid shift from one to the other. I feel blessed by your presence in my life Canela, and sense a strong connection to you and your path. I hope we meet again in the not too distant future. Keep sending those email fan-outs!

Doug Christou, Carmangay, Alberta

“My first experience with Satsang was in Vancouver, with Canela, and it was an amazing and wonderful experience. With her light, love and humour I was gently guided to the space between the thoughts. I have since experienced many Satsangs with Canela and it has changed my way of being. I am so thrilled that Lethbridge, and those that come from elsewhere, will experience Satsang with Canela!”
Saria, Lethbridge, AB

“We completed our 4 hour Satsang and I wanted to share with others on my experience of sitting in the chair as a journey home. I feel like who I am has expanded in a very gentle and loving way and, if only fleeting, experienced the divine in self and others. It was experiential and a state of being that I would like to experience again and again….”
Kate O’Hare, White Rock, BC

“Canela’s Satsangs in Tucson were exquisite. Canela’s ability to speak straight from the heart touched many people.”
Will (Brahm) Foster, Phoenix, Arizona

“Satsang with Canela feels like a gentle reminder for me of who and what I really am – light, laughter and love. Thank you Canela!”
Andrew Fawcett, Vancouver, B.C.

“The Group Satsang sessions are eye-opening…to see that other people have the same problems in life I have already been through or where I am right now. And I always learn something about life and what it may throw at you and what possibilities there are to make them easier on you or help you through them.
The One on One with Canela after the meditation part is always releasing and in the end fulfilling and enjoyable… she and I never know what might come up but she is with me in my laughter and my tears and I appreciate that very much!
Thank you Canela!”

Alexandra Busse, North Vancouver, BC

“I am so grateful for the weekend Satsang that happened here and I so enjoyed the time we shared together. When I went to the garden centre/greenhouse on Monday, the plants and flowers were so much more vivid. Even though it was vivid prior to the weekend it is even more so now and continues to be so. Each time I water or work with the plants there is such an energy from them. Being One With All takes on a new meaning for me, such a “coming together” so to speak.”
Saria, Lethbridge, AB

“I highly recommend Satsang with Canela. The format Canela has chosen is creative and in my experience very effective. I found the toning to be powerful, the meditation facilitated by strong stillness and the work with individuals transformative. I looked forward each week to the Monday evening Satsangs and experienced the benefits during the whole day before the session began. Canela’s Satsangs are a wonderful gift.”
D.J., North Vancouver, BC

“I met Canela in Satsang in Seattle, and I experienced her as clear, and alert, taking each thing that came her way graciously, and with an ease I recognize as that of one who is awake. Her laughter, her joy, her great compassion, all reveal her to be one who is aware of her true self. I recognized my true self, in her ease. Canela has become my friend, and confidant, helping me recognize once again, my own true self that had eclipsed, and I was searching to find, to rest in once more. She has been supportive of me with compassion, love, and wisdom, I am grateful that we have crossed paths in this large life. There is a sense of wonder in that, and a sense of personal love coming from this wholeness, this largeness of life.”
Sherry Stewart, Seattle, WA

“This is the gift of Canela Michelle. Words and wisdom are all around us, I have plenty of it myself. But being with Canela is a complete invitation into the Moment, where wisdom and mind and ego fade and simple truth shows up. Canela “gives” nothing more than the opportunity to throw away your props and Be. I’ve never received a more beautiful gift!”
Wayne Froese, Burnaby, B.C.

“While attending Satsang with Canela, I experienced a profound sense of freeing indifference, as to my fate at the hands of anyone who might disagree or wish me ill and this indifference allowed me to proceed in any direction I wished, with confidence – absent of fear of any potential reprisal.”
Hank Leis, White Rock, B.C.

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