What people say about Individual Satsang Sessions with Canela:

“For a long time I seemed to be in chaos. No other way of putting it other than something appeared to be jammed. Canela supported the dissolution of this chaos and confusion, inviting the Awareness and Realization into my Heart.(Satsang in Brighton 2015 & Individual Satsang Sessions) Now, I AM, I Am peaceful and content. There appears to be a softening into myself. I have learned how this body works in the unfolding to Love. Canela feels so familiar to me, a part of me, like a sister forever in my Heart-Self. Such gratitude to you Beloved Canela. Thank You <3”
Tara, Brighton, UK

“Canela, I so appreciated the session (individual Satsang session) we had this morning. I went through my day joyfully, repeating when necessary: “he cannot give to me or others what he doesn’t feel for himself.”
My throat is clear and I feel an inner peace and resolve.
I know now that I am beautiful, lovable and loving and so is everyone else!
I got more from this than all my recent counseling sessions. I’m glad that we found each other, you are an angel! I will continue sessions with you as I can. Thank-you, with deep Love & Gratitude”

Jeanne Ott, Milton, WA

“Wonderful… <3 to the beautiful ‘you’ Canela who taught me to trust myself in the moment through the heart”
Jennifer Stolte, Florida, USA

“Good Evening Canela, Thanks for your precious time. I really appreciate our Individual Satsang session, and am really grateful for the recording – which I haven’t heard yet. The session was not always easy on this ego thank god! You are so gentle and understanding and honest.”
Jane M. MSW, RSW – Victoria, BC.

“Our (individual Satsang) session is still resonating and the reorientation very powerful. Not sure what is happening except that there is a relaxation and confidence that feels way more natural and draws strength from the connection to something bigger than the small person. Pain has been showing up in the body – difficulty walking with it – and this has meant receiving help and slowing down. Funny how it’s happening. There have been many blessings from that, though I m glad the inflammation is subsiding now.
Thank you for Being here, Canela! I am overjoyed to feel this connection And thank you for sending the ReiKi which was really powerful. I am relaxing and softening – life is less like a battle (with other people) and more a dance. I sigh with relief and amazement.
Much love to you,”

Jivan Prem, London, UK

“Enjoyed a beautiful one to one (skype/phone session) with Canela – thank you! – where I watched my mind wrap itself around it’s own finger, and then collapse, exhausted, on a heap in the middle of the floor! What is left is peace, space, simplicity and clear-ness. Simple and profound in the same moment :)”
Anthony Davis, Brighton, England

“Dear Canela,
Once again, I would like to thank you for the wonderful meeting (individual session) with you. I found it very healing and enlightening. How beautifully and delicately it is possible to work! Your inner touch was so deep that its effects I can sequentially feel every day. Thank you very much for your support!
with Love, “

Lenka Palatová, Praha, Czech Republic

“Good morning Canela,
I wanted to express my gratitude again for our lovely and powerful Satsang session the other day! Oh sigh, that was so good. So nice to connect with you too. … I also wanted to report that the cyst is dissolving and that the lab report came back clear, there was no cancer cells! I slept like a baby last night, so peacefully.
Love Julie”

Julie Morrisseau, Vancouver, BC

“Dear Canela,
Thank you for everything! Thank you for your love and openness to everything that is and for your wonderful live energy! You took away the sadness I had in helping me understand that behind the sadness is Love…I can cherish that. Also to be O.K. with all that for us in the moment seems not O.K. – what a blessing! [Satsang in Mexico City & Individual Sessions]
You brought me a wonderful lightness and change into my life. I Wish you (and I know you are having and being) a great success wherever you go.

Monica Engel, Mexico City, Mexico

“Lit up….Hi Canela, I am so in Love like never before. What a release and embodiment that happened in the session with you. When do you have available a follow-up Skype session?

Bo Brandt Laursen, Denmark

“Canela has come into my life at the most wonderful time. I’ve been needing to move deeper and here she is! Through her book and through some extraordinary phone call sessions, she has – with great sensitivity, delicious humour and deep compassion – been able to help me draw forth and experience what needs to be felt and seen. With her help I am touching into what’s really here, both waiting and present, of my human nature and that which embraces it. Things are starting to go “click” inside and I look forward to more. I can’t begin to express my gratitude.”
The Rev. John Gorsuch, Bellingham, WA
Episcopal priest

“Dear Canela, My individual Satsang sessions with you were incredibly loving and transformational. What a privilege to work with such a gifted and insightful healer. You are a blessing to the world and to humanity!
Love and hugs,”

Laura Katleman, Newton, MA
Author of ‘Skinny Thinking’

After the private phone session with you, I spent some days really moved, it was profound, so I am very grateful, it showed me some things I hadn’t seen, very powerful
so thanks so much!”

Lolis Lozano, Mexico City, Mexico

“Hello Canela,
I am always amazed at the amount of energy I have after the individual sessions. … and my voice is getting stronger”

Debra F., White Rock, BC

“Hi Canela,
…It feels very nice to come back to my little oasis, especially with the deep impressions from our contact. My gratitude for your attention and support. I feel very nourished spiritually from the Individual Satsang sessions and time we had together. Meeting members of your family and seeing you in your oasis was a real treat and felt quite natural. I plan to have more regular contact with you, and will email you when I am ready to fix a time and date. … I will check in with your website to keep in touch with your schedule.
It was an intense week, and I am curious to see what transpires over the next month as an aftershock. Already there is a greater sense of being real, and by that I mean I feel more authentic, less distant to myself. This intimacy is for me the fulfilment, in spite of the dramas of life. Just to see the truth in my experience brings more of this realness…… I suppose my practice is defining itself.”

Doug Christou, Carmangay, Alberta

“Hi Canela,
I only have a minute and I want to thank you for that great session the other day. You are very good at what you do – all aspects. I felt very supported by your words, they offered new possibilities on a couple of fronts and I am still feeling the sense of ‘Oneness’ in my being. My cleanse has been working away, adding to the experience and all and all I am in great shape.Thank you THANK YOU!

Duncan Fraser, Gabriola Island, BC

“Hello Canela,
Thank you for this message, (speaking emailed Satsang invitation) it resonates with my experience especially after the Individual Satsang session, … those dark moments I kept playing in my mind. With your help in deeper seeing, I noticed the layers of peace under that known darkness that had held me hostage, until Now……I don’t know what will happen next, but it feels great to let some light into that part.
Thank you.”

M.F., New Westminster, BC

“Thank you so much for your support and healing following my Grandmother’s passing. The sessions with you and the ReiKi I Course were significant healing and learning experiences for me. You are a wonderful teacher and you are helping me to see life in a new way. Thank you for everything! I am truly grateful! With Love and Thanks.”
Jacqueline, Vancouver, British Columbia

“My sessions with you have left deep impressions in my consciousness, and my current state is centered and peaceful. I noticed that I received your observations about me quite impersonally; your insights are appreciated. I got a strong mental jolt at the beginning of my private session with you.
I remember that your presence supported me to suddenly snap out of a comfortable, introverted mental state as I sat down, and into a high alertness state. The difference between these two mental states was striking to witness, as was the rapid shift from one to the other. I feel blessed by your presence in my life Canela, and sense a strong connection to you and your path. I hope we meet again in the not too distant future. Keep sending those email fan-outs!

D.C., Alberta

“Hello Canela,
Thank you for this message, (speaking of the bimonthly email invitations) it resonates with my experience especially after the Individual Satsang session, looking at those dark moments I kept playing in my mind. With your help in deeper seeing, I noticed the layers of peace under that known darkness that had held me hostage, until Now……I don’t know what will happen next, but it feels great to let some light into that part.
Thank you.”

M.F., New Westminster, BC

“Hi Canela – I feel so much better after my session! It was amazing. It felt like a whole bunch of stuff surfaced, and released. Wonderful!!”
J.V., Vancouver, BC

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