General Feedback:

“I have been enjoying your Zen moments since I bought your book ‘Right Here, Right Now Meditations.’ I love how it can be opened to any page for an experience of stillness. It’s very beautiful! Each ‘invitation’ is clear, intelligent, and has an easily-understood value and practice. And every page resonates powerfully with the energy and grace of Oneness.”
Arvana, Toronto, Ontario

I loved reading your book called ‘Right Here, Right Now Meditations’. I found in this book A Peaceful Harmonizing Energy and it took me to a different State Of Mind. Thank you very much for taking the time to write a wonderful book like this one.”

Dora Bergen, Realtor, West Vancouver,

“Dear Canela,
I was just watching a video clip called “Ultimate Awareness”.
As always you speak so clearly and passionately, and this is partly just to say thanks for all that.”

John Donaldson, France

“Hi there Canela,
I just watched you being interviewed on Conscious TV [Interview]. Thank you for posting it. It’s good to hear your story. I feel I know you much better now…..and I’m reminded of the words to one of the songs we sing in Sacred Web. It’s the group I’m practicing with to record a cd at the Banff School of Fine Arts beginning August 20th. 121 people from across North America are singing in this project. Anyways the words go “Love is to know and to be known….” Another song your story reminds me goes “Stand here till all you were can wander away and come back slowly carrying a strange new flavour into your life.”
I’ve enjoyed reading your book, Right Here, Right Now Meditations, in new ways. It’s surprising because I’ve read many of the entries previously, right—but everything is new every day. Personally the strongest message coming through your book for me is the emphasis on acting on what’s true and loving for yourself in every moment. From that place more and more flow happens and others happen to be “helped” naturally without strings attached or projections interfering. It’s cool.

Gloria Tiede, White Rock, BC

“Hi to you Canela!
Yes, my life has changed from before and after taking the abundance course for sure! Firstly, abundances have become more plentiful which is, I believe, from being more aware of the abundance I have in my life already and abundance in the world around me in general. Secondly, I feel abundances come more quickly now definitely as a result of incorporating the alchemization of energies into my “wants” statements. Thirdly, I’ve noticed my statements are more specific/precise since taking the course and I notice more around me of the things I want to draw in.
Overall, I feel like I’m now on my way to creating or, I should say, co-creating with the Universe, how I would like to see my life rather than viewing myself as not having this type of control– this was the old way/way of the past. I feel like the exercises helped to put me back on track/coming into alignment with my true Self; something I had begun back when I was around 30 but didn’t continue out of fear and lack of support. And also, speaking of support, having the support of you and the others in the class there, who are also working/doing this same stuff; has given me way more confidence which I’ve been lacking and the courage and strength to continue in this direction. So thanks for this!! Loved the course!”

Nancy Riecken, North Vancouver, BC

“Hi Canela,
I’m Andreas and only like to share gratitude for your appearance on NeverNotHere on Valentine’s [Valentines Wishes] Some lovely pointers there on the possibility of not shutting oneself out and staying open. I actually watched a bit of that video again only a few days ago, reminding me to welcome every expression within and without. Hope to hear more from you and all the best wishes, Love”

Andreas Hakangard, Sweden

“Dear Canela,
Yesterday I saw a video of your guidance to several people on the Grace Bubeck website. [Interview of Canela with Grace Bubeck: The Healing Effect of Presence] I was especially impacted (unexpectedly so) by your exchange with Tara on “not being heard”. …
… A part of me realized the “badness” pattern I have worked on for many many years came to conscious awareness and I realized OMG everything I have ever done (50 years of unfolding my story) was nothing but LOVE releasing me.I am very excited to realize this because I in no way ever (ever) going to “work on myself to be a better person arrrrggh! What I saw you do with Sebastian and Tara is sheer LOVE in action midwifing what Life has always wanted to do …… bring us to Right Here Right Now and FEEL IT WITH LOVE and be healed.
I just want to thank you for this deep healing, albeit just following Tara’s session and how was it that I got guided to watch a show I never watch and experience the very gnarly sadness and dys-ease.Miracles like that have been happening in my life BUT I am celebrating that there is no end to LOVE’s wanting to remove every little bit of (below conscious awareness wounding) to live more and more fully in the ineffable grandeur of being human/divine. I hope I can do this work on my own, but if not, I am hoping to sign up for a Skype session. There of course is is no way any words can describe the depth of gratitude that this SOMETHING has been doing this all my life since birth on earth and how merciful and relentless LOVE is to reunite with ITSELF IN HUMAN FORM
Thank you Beloved Canela for having a form I can thank.”

Hamsa Harriet Hilker, Capitol, CA, USA

“Beloved Canela,
….. I find myself listening and meditating with your video clips [Canela’s YouTube Channel. Your pointings are so incredible, clear, clearing deepening, breaking the automatic standpoints I got used to by those different male Masters. I am in full gratiude to the way you are practically bringing to light the simple Truth of Awareness one is at the natural core of being. I like the nothingness vid. clip or the benefit of suffering or any of your offered vid.clips. It is by the support of YOUR LOVE that I find the way back home to loving and acceptance of SELF. Love… AMEN OM SHANTI OM”

Alice Gilberstein, Isreal

(In response to ‘Newly You’ Satsang Invitation)
“Thank you. It’s exactly what what I needed. Life is different every day for me lately and I was having a hard time managing my anxiety and depression because I didn’t know what the future held. Allowing for a new me in every moment let me know that I had the ability to recognize that I didn’t have to feel the way I did yesterday or this morning. I could be like a leaf that fell into a river and go with the flow of life and accept where I’m going without knowing. There is no rule saying that I had to hang on to the old emotions.”

Kevin Damphouse, Nova Scotia, Canada

“Hi Canela,
It so good to receive your Satsang Invitations again. I find them very helpful in my continuing practice in opening up more fully to the love that I am. Namaste,”

Gloria Kotansky, Chicago, IL

(in response to the radio interview on Nonduality Radio – see media page to listen)
“A great opportunity to hear Canela Michelle Meyers’ beautiful all encompassing invitation to non-dual awakening in each moment no matter what we are experiencing.”

Gary Tzu, Professor and Founder of Paradoxica Nondual Psychology Conference, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

“ReiKi with Canela is a deep, grounding experience. I always leave feeling ‘back’ in my body and centered.”
Karen Epp, Vancouver, BC

“When I have a Reiki session with Canela I always feel very taken care of and loved. … Canela’s guidance supports me in every day life. After a session I feel emotionally balanced and my body feels refreshed.
… Thank you Canela!”

Alexandra Busse, North Vancouver, BC

“ReiKi with Canela on a regular basis has helped me develop the resilience I didn’t seem to have before, to deal with life’s challenges from a much more empowered perspective.
A deep store of well-being is being developed each time I visit, and I draw from this daily to use in the course of everyday life. It helps me to come from a more balanced and fulfilled space, which means that I am more likely to contribute to everyone around me in a more positive and value-adding way, than would be the case if I felt depleted and needy. The result is a more peaceful existence and one that feels richer and deeper; and consequently more loving of others and myself.
Added to this is the physical benefit I have enjoyed. For years I suffered with a frequently occurring bladder infection, something that I now (thankfully) rarely experience. Canela also worked directly on a very painful shoulder, which healed itself within days, and is still helping me with a more persistent hip pain, that still pops up now and again, but is no longer constantly painful when I walk. My ReiKi sessions are my special gift to me each month and they have a significant and wonderful impact on all aspects of my life! “

Su Townsend, North Vancouver, British Columbia

“My whole life took a turn for the better last week. Again. Because, once again, I experienced the magic of ReiKi with Canela. That means, once again, I felt my energy come back to me – on all levels: mental, physical and spiritual. Once again, I trusted the experience, the expertise and the amazing intuition that she brings into her work. Once again, I felt body mind and soul respond to her gifted play of ReiKi energy. And now, days later, I still feel its wonderful effect. We live in a world bereft of magic, impoverished by our lack of ability to feel miracles. It is my belief that experiencing healing through Canela’s “magic” is one of my life’s most lovely miracles.
Thank you Canela.”

Luan Giffin, Vancouver, British Columbia

“Receiving ReiKi with Canela has provided an awareness of myself that I was unable to acquire through any other window. With ReiKi, Canela has invited me on a mission to ‘release the comfort of carrying a burden’.”
Debra Lewis, North Vancouver, B.C.

“I have been receiving Reiki sessions from Canela for a couple of years, and have also completed her Reiki Level One & Two training. I have recommended her sessions and classes to several friends and clients, and all who have gone to see her have been extremely happy with their experiences. My own sessions with Canela have been invaluable. There is something that opens up in me, something that is so precious and important that begins to awaken when she makes available the space for it. I come closer to myself each time I have a session. I feel so fortunate to be able to experience this healing, and it is Canela’s talent and powerful natural capacity for healing and compassion that enables it. In addition to this natural ability, her dedication to herself and her own growth is clearly reflected in her work. To be able to meet with her and experience the consequence of that commitment is an indescribable gift.”
N. Deagan, Vancouver, B.C.

“I like your approach of examining our stories, Canela. (…this is response to the article Canela wrote in the Paradoxica Journal of Nondual Psychology……) I recently watched an interview you gave (with Rick Archer, I think it was), in which you spoke about examining your relationship with alcohol, and which interested me because I had examined my own in the very same way. Speaking generally, it seems that many ‘spiritual’ people feel that they have to detach from their lives, which is unfortunate for the reasons you explain in your article. I enjoy your approach generally, Canela …..How you are inclusive of whatever arises, and always inviting people to look for themselves, always bringing it back. It’s very real, as opposed to the overly intellectual approach that I’ve seen occasionally.”
Paul Frost, Vancouver, Canada

(Also in response to same article as above quote) “I like your approach too, Canela. Much better to get into the story and feel it, embrace it, love it. It feels like fragments get healed and integrated that way. The dropping too quickly is more like a running away or fear. It’s amazing how the stories seem to be able to arise endlessly from within, and yet they all have an energy and a substance to them. To get caught in them would be suffering, but to explore with the witness self active, just healing and expansive. Thank-you for your sharing!”
Tanya Davediuk Wadden, Vancouver, Canada

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