258ca0f3-724c-40c6-a9a1-d40d78066ec5Here Now Satsang with Canela is an on-going invitation to Freedom, Silence and Conscious Embodiment. 

This Satsang is a support in deepening the experiencing of Who you are and to strengthen the recognition of That Self.

“It was a real privilege to meet Canela and a powerful and enjoyable Satsang. Canela’s style is so open, humble, and freeing, and it points so effectively towards a place of love and non separation, So glad I went.”
Kevin Pritchett, London, UK

Video feedback from five participants:  About Satsang with Canela

Oh Wow! We are all Love. Boundless & eternal. Empty and yet full to the brim. There is nothing to do but relax open to all that is in every moment.
Seemingly difficult yes, but in fact very simple.
Spending time with Canela Michelle Meyers for me has been an experience of relating directly with this Love. The first time I came into contact with her I could feel it from her and, more importantly, I could feel it in and around me. This is the priceless gift.
Thank you Canela, thank you universe, thank you, thank you, thank you! x.”
Michael Bailey, Brighton, UK

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