Here Now Satsang with Canela is an on-going invitation to Freedom, Silence, Abundance and Conscious Embodiment. Canela has been supporting people to Awaken to themSelves in transformational Satsang gatherings worldwide since 1999. This Satsang is a support in deepening the experiencing of Who you are, feeling the miracle in That and to strengthen the recognition of That Self with distinct inclusion of ALL that appears in each moment.

‘Canela’s warmhearted approach alights with clarity in her expression of the inexpressible.’
Nick Gancitano, Director, The Self-Inquiry Center & Author, Be Still and Know I AM God

On Canela’s book, Right Here, Right Now Meditations – Satsang Invitations for Expanding Awareness*: 
‘If you have no idea what Satsang is, Canela’s Invitations will take you into spiritual inquiry right here, right now where you sit reading. No special experience required, just life as it happens. And if you think you know what Satsang is, her Invitations will be delightfully fresh expressions of perception without veils, of a love so innocent that it knows no limit.’
Grace Bubeck, PhD, MSc, Founder, Living from Love Conference,

*(Available on Amazon CanadaAmazon USAmazon UK. and Amazon worldwide.)

‘Oh Wow! We are all Love. Boundless & eternal. Empty and yet full to the brim. There is nothing to do but relax open to all that is in every moment. Seemingly difficult yes, but in fact very simple.The first time I came into contact with her I could feel it from her and, more importantly, I could feel it in and around me. This is the priceless gift.Thank you Canela, thank you universe, thank you, thank you, thank you! x.’
Michael Bailey, Brighton, UK

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